Friday, February 1, 2008

google gets smarter!


I looked back today and the AdSense ads that I have on this site are finally about something that I give a care about: Homebrewing! That makes sense.

The Audi thing was a little creepy, but this actually seems to be purposeful. I should really blog more about the brews I'm making anyway, this is just another kick in the pants in that direction.

I've got ingredients sitting in my kitchen for a Belgian Double Dubbel that I've been wanting to make (high gravity dubbel - not a trippel) for some time now, I should get started on it.

It'll give me incentive to bake some more bread too. My poolish accidentally soured on me, and while I think it made for a tasty pizza crust, I think it might contain something that my wife had a mild allergic reaction to, so I tossed it.

Since I think that beer dregs make for the best poolish starters, I'll have plenty to work with after this next batch.

I just bought two more cornelius kegs, and I'm going to begin work on a kegerator at some point in the next months as things start to warm up, so I will actually have things to take pictures of, maybe.

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