Thursday, May 1, 2008

flight of the conchords

I love Flight of the Conchords. These guys are awesome. They just recently announced a second show in San Francisco after the first one sold out.

It goes on sale tomorrow at ticketbastard, but there IS a pre-sale that started yesterday.

Apparently it was only supposed to be for fan club members, but I'm not a fan club member, and I can't even find any information on how to join their fan club, which I totally would have done to get the pre-sale password.

I did, however, find the password. If you want tickets and you haven't found it yet yourself, and there are any pre-sale tickets available (I doubt it, but who knows) the password is "fouxdufafa" (sans the quotes, of course.) This seems obvious, once you see it, but of course hindsight is much more clear than foresight.

I won't tell you how I found it, but suffice it to say, the internets is a powerful thing. If you've attended a lecture by the great Johnny Long, you can probably find just about any piece of information that exists.. somewhere.. on the internets.

If you're stumbling upon this and it's not yet on general sale, give it a shot, you never know..

That being said... I got my tickets yesterday, bitches.


Anonymous said...

damn you! I got on the wagon way to late and now i have to wait for next time :(

technosavant said...

well - remember the general onsale begins tomorrow at noon here