Thursday, September 10, 2009

one ring to rule them all!

Unfortunately, no, I don't mean the One Ring.

I'm talking about Google Voice. I have a GV number and it's great! I can give out one phone number and receive calls on whatever phone I happen to be nearest, but to do so requires either a bit of monkeying with a webUI, or knowing what days and times I'll be at certain locations.

Seems a bit, well, low tech to me.

I have an iPhone that is pretty much with me all the time, but my cell reception is terrible in my house. I could still use my SIP account and my WiFi to make/take calls on my iPhone, but mostly I just use my landline. It would be nifty if GV knew I was at home (I know, a little creepy too, but bear with me) and automagically routed calls my way.

Such a thing is possible, I'm sure, but it'll require some code, and a few hacks that are likely to be specific to my GV account - unless there is a GV API that I'm unaware of.

This blog doesn't get a lot of readers, but if you happen to know, drop me a line, I'll send some interesting code your way when I get it working.

FWIW, I've already found some bits here:
google-voice-add-on-development - but that's not really suitable to my needs. It still might help you if you're trying to do something similar, but different.

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