Monday, March 17, 2008

save me!

So... I was going to do a big rant about information leaking and how no one can keep their mouth shut, but that would be fruitless..

Someone either figured it out or let something loose and the company I work for has figured out that I'm looking to leave and they're trying to figure out how to save me.

I think they even know that I'm traveling to Iceland soon and the purpose of the visit, but they're not yet to the point of denying my travel, which is probably because they're afraid I'll just quit outright if they do, and they might be right.

However, today they began the effort to 'save me'. Last week one of the other managers here put in her notice. That created a void, and now there's an opportunity to do a whole new round of reorganizing. There's a place and a need for me in this new hierarchy, I'm told. Just sit tight and "don't do anything stupid" and I'll find out what it is soon.

I can't say that I'm really going to hold my breath.

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