Monday, August 20, 2007


It's tough to keep up writing both a journal and a blog... I feel like this has become more and more disjoint and less informative (to me) and is probably nothing more than total inanity to anyone other than me.

So - rather than continue to use this blog as a forum for vagaries around how my life is going in general, I'm going to start to turn it into something else - something more like all the other blogs out there.. I'm going to try to be informative.

There are not a lot of topics upon which I am actually qualified to be informative. In fact, I can't really think of any.

I've spent a great deal of time lately playing Magic: the Gathering - Online in an effort to tune a deck to be ready to play in Grand Prix: San Francisco this weekend, but alas, it seems that either I'd be playing the same deck as everyone else, or I'd be losing more than I'd win. And I don't really want to spend the money either way, since I'm pretty sure I'd come out somewhere near the bottom. I just don't have the time, focus, or freedom to be competitive there anymore.

And my other interests.. well, they've been rather sparse as of late.

I could give you the super secret tech that made it into my almost-but-not-quite-competitive rogue deck, but I don't think anyone reads this, or could care. Suffice it to say, against a field of U/B/x Teachings or U/x Pickles decks, I can prove that Dragonstorm isn't dead. Against a field of Tarmagoyf and Blink effects, I can show you a good answer - Johnny Cash style - but this isn't an invention of my own. But against a field that I expect to be split somewhere between the two, with a smattering of reanimator decks thrown in, I can't lock down more than 50%.

I think it's time to get serious about golf and beer, and maybe something new.

Anyone know a good hobby to do in the hours between 7pm and 7am? Preferably something that is both interesting, occasionally engages with other people, and can be practiced alone most of the time.

Drop me a line if you read this.

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